The SRI biofrustration corpus: Audio, video and physiological signals for continuous user modeling


A. Kathol  and E. Shriberg, “The SRI biofrustration corpus: Audio, video, and physiological signals for continuous user modeling,” in Proc. AAAI Spring Symposium Series, 2015, pp. 96–99.


We describe the SRI BioFrustration Corpus, an inprogress corpus of time-aligned audio, video, and autonomic nervous system signals recorded while users interact with a dialog system to make returns of faulty consumer items. The corpus offers two important advantages for the study of turn-taking under emotion. First, it contains state-of-the-art ECG, skin conductance, blood pressure, and respiration signals, along with multiple audio channels and video channels. Second, the collection paradigm is carefully controlled. Though the users believe they are interacting with an empathetic system, in reality the system afflicts each subject with an identical history of “frustration inducers.” This approach enables detailed within- and across-speaker comparisons of the effect of physiological state on user behavior. Continuous signal recording enables studying the effect of frustration inducers with respect to speech-based system-directed turns, interturn regions, and system text-to-speech responses.

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