Andreas Kathol

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Senior Research Linguist, Speech Technology and Research Laboratory

Andreas Kathol, Ph.D., is a research linguist in SRI International’s Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory. His research interests include natural language syntax and semantics, grammar modeling for speech applications, machine translation (rule-based and statistical), dialog systems, crowdsourcing for data collection and other tasks, usability of speech-enabled systems, and Arabic linguistics.

At SRI, Kathol has most recently been the lead developer of the grammar component in a number of projects based on SRI’s virtual personal assistant (VPA) technology for banking, retail, and other domains. He has also led a number of data collection efforts, using both crowdsourcing and traditional laboratory-based methods.

Prior to joining SRI, Kathol was on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley’s Linguistics Department. He holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from the Ohio State University.

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