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Journal Article  April 1, 2015

The Effect of Transition Planning Participation and Goal-Setting on College Enrollment among Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders

SRI Authors Xin Wei, Jennifer W. Yu, Harold Javitz



Wei, X., Wagner, M., Hudson, L., Yu, J. W., & Javitz, H. (2016). The effect of transition planning participation and goal-setting on college enrollment among youth with autism spectrum disorders. Remedial and Special Education, 37(1), 3-14. doi:10.1177/0741932515581495


This study used propensity score techniques to assess the relationship between transition planning participation and goal-setting and college enrollment among youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Using data from Waves 1 through 5 of the National Longitudinal Transition Study–2, this study found that 2- or 4-year college enrollment rates were significantly higher among youth with ASDs who participated in transition planning and those who had a primary transition goal of college enrollment. Educational implications are discussed.

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