Re-imagining how humans work, navigate, and protect their world.

SRI’s Advanced Technology and Systems division is known for work in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance. We’re at the leading edge of human-machine interaction, sensing, and other applied technologies that are turning data into usable knowledge.  

SRI also leads the government-supported Quantum Economic Development Consortium, an initiative designed to grow and advance the quickly evolving quantum industry.  


National security | Robotics | Quantum sensing | RF systems | Geospace  


  • 170 equivalent full-time staff  
  • 5 geographic locations across the country  
  • 90+ concurrent projects  

“I started at SRI about 15 years ago because I was looking for a role in a research  

organization that would afford me the freedom to pursue what I was interested in and had a strong public-benefit mission — and what I found is precisely that and much more.”  

– John Crowe, President, Advanced Technology and Systems Division 

Our Advanced Technology and Systems division teams work on a multitude of leading-edge technologies in the following focus areas:

Applied quantum 

Applications of quantum sciences are poised to revolutionize the world. SRI is emerging as a global leader and innovator in this exciting field. We develop state-of-art, quantum-enabled sensors in small-form factors to enable stand-off sensing, imaging, and pointing, navigation, and timing (PNT) applications. 

Applied sciences   

Our labs coast-to-coast are pushing the boundaries of applied science in hardware security; optoelectronic systems; quantum sensing; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR); and pointing, navigation and timing (PNT).   

Survivability and space   

This lab brings together deep research in optical and high-energy density materials for survivability; photonic and nanofabrication; advanced radar facilities; atmospheric and ionospheric physics; and space weather event monitoring.   


SRI is developing, facilitating, and partnering on powerful, world-changing technology in surveillance systems; radar and radio frequency (RF) system engineering and signal processing; and ocean modeling.   

Applied technology   

Our renowned applied technology lab focuses on radar engineering and operations as well as robotics work in human-machine interaction, telesurgery, safety and security.