Clinical Trials Unit (CTU)

Paving the way for a novel approach to clinical research.

SRl’s Clinical Trials Unit is renowned for conducting breakthrough clinical trials as a seasoned team of certified clinical professionals focused on delivering quality work at an efficient speed. We have the facilities, staff, and experience to meet all of your clinical research needs. Our mission is to find ways to make clinical trials accessible and generalizable for all.

What we offer

The Clinical Trials Unit is a 9,400 square foot facility in Plymouth, Mich., consisting of a team of research scientists with diverse clinical backgrounds and with extensive experience in conducting clinical trials. Compared to large global clinical contract research organizations, we are a smaller team that thrives in a fast-paced environment that prioritizes safety, quality, and efficiency. We are small for a reason: quality, focus, consistency, accountability, and teamwork. 

Our clinical research team has a federal and commercial track record in successfully carrying out operational processes required in clinical trials from start-up to study close. Board-certified physician investigators, licensed physician assistants, clinical research nurses, and other research personnel at the CTU are integral members of the team conducting clinical trials that provide the hands-on care of study participants.

In addition to conducting clinical trials in our growing therapeutic areas, we are guiding our practice with a mission in mind: Developing equitable access to clinical trials, particularly in rural and underserved areas. We are located in the demographically diverse Metro-Detroit area, which leverages our position in being able to access broad minority populations, as well as creating access channels for rural and underserved communities that face barriers in participating in clinical research.

We have the privilege to work with our own business development team and to collaborate across various SRI Divisions with their own renowned scientific experts. This opens the door to an abundance of possibilities and resources at hand as we continue to develop novel approaches to a wide range of clinical research programs.