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scientist with a computer model of a molecular structure
SRI is identifying candidates for advanced therapies in multiple disease areas by developing compounds from synthetically optimized, natural dietary products.
man lying awake with his head on a pillow
Lack of sleep can lead to a range of cognitive, attention, and emotional deficits. SRI and its partner have made a thorough study of its effects on the brain.
scientist working at a computer
SRI is investigating novel methods and treatments to improve cognitive deficits caused by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and depression.
glowing blue neuron
SRI takes an integrated approach to understand the systems that control sleep and wakefulness.
gloved hand catching pill capsules coming out of a dispenser
Through a broad range of services for the National Institutes of Health, SRI is accelerating preclinical development of potential therapies for diseases that affect millions of people.
brain scan
SRI sleep researchers are working to discover and develop new treatments for narcoleptic patients.