Missy M. Coffey

...supported state systems-building efforts on the Race to the Top Early Learning Challenge and more recently on the Preschool Development Grants. On Head Start’s National Center on Development, Teaching, and...


Michael Greenstein

...development and commercialization and program management of IVD medical devices. In his career, Greenstein has worked on microfluid, lateral flow assay, molecular diagnostics, and ultrasonic imaging (transthoracic and intravascular) medical...

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EduSpeak® speech recognition toolkit


DynaSpeak® speech recognition engine

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Quantum Consortium Managed by SRI International Holds Workshop on Cryogenic Technologies to Accelerate Quantum Innovation

Bozeman MT, November 6-7, 2019: The Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) held a workshop to identify cryogenic technology advances that will enable a ten-fold improvement in quantum information science and...

Story, Uncategorized November 13, 2019

Trading places: Will robots take over the human workforce?

...complete automation Although industry experts used to view business process automation as a zero-sum game, the current state of the manufacturing industry indicates otherwise. Most companies fall somewhere between relying...

Robotics, sensors & devices

From robotic surgery to robots in space, SRI drives state-of-the-art robotics to create smart systems that can sense, think and act. Our R&D teams accelerate the time to creating new...

Innovation Strategy & Design

At SRI, innovation is more than just big ideas—it means applying cutting-edge concepts to address real needs. We help develop the systems that support innovation and technology, and we apply...

Biomedical R&D Services

Story November 8, 2019

Eight words to startup success

...A large and accessible market One of the simplest and most obvious mistakes founding teams make is beginning product development without confirming that there’s a large enough addressable market. This...

Story November 8, 2019


...not yet an Internet, laid critical groundwork for the subsequent Internet and the dramatic changes in how we conduct business, communicate, socialize, learn, distribute knowledge and travel. In 2009, IEEE,...

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