Richard J. Waldinger

Richard Waldinger, Ph.D., focuses on applying automatic deduction to artificial intelligence and software engineering. His research areas include program synthesis and verification, and planning. He has studied the use of...

Conference Paper March 1, 2015

Natural Language Access to Data: It Takes Common Sense!

Commonsense reasoning proves to be an essential tool for natural-language access to data. In a deductive approach to this problem, language processing technology translates English queries into a first-order logical...

Conference Paper January 1, 2014

Deduction for Natural Language Access to Data

Knowledge and reasoning in a specific subject domain can greatly assist in natural language processing. This is demonstrated in the context of QUEST, a question answering system for accessing data...

Conference Paper February 1, 2011

Deducing Answers to English Questions from Structured Data

Conference Paper January 1, 2011

English Access to Structured Data

We present work on using a domain model to guide text interpretation, in the context of a project that aims to interpret English questions as a sequence of queries to...

Conference Paper January 1, 2011

Accessing Structured Health Information Through English Queries and Automatic Deduction

Conference Paper January 1, 2008

Answering Science Questions: Deduction with Answer Extraction and Procedural Attachment

Article April 1, 2007

Deductive Biocomputing

Background: As biologists increasingly rely upon computational tools, it is imperative that they be able to appropriately apply these tools and clearly understand the methods the tools employ. Such tools...

Conference Paper January 1, 2007

Whatever Happened to Deductive Question Answering?

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC, deductive question answering, program synthesis, theorem proving, Semantic Web, procedural attachment

Conference Paper July 1, 2000

Reusing Prior Knowledge: Problems and Solutions

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence Center, AIC

Journal Article May 1, 2000

A Guide to SNARK

Snark, SRI’s New Automated Reasoning Kit, is a theorem prover intended for applications in articial intelligence and software engineering. Snark is geared toward dealing with large sets of assertions; it...

Journal Article January 1, 2000

Ontology Construction Toolkit

The goal of this project was to enable knowledge engineers to construct knowledge bases (KBs) faster. To achieve this goal, we investigated two techniques: knowledge reuse and axiom templates. The...

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