Richard J. Waldinger

Principal Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Center

Richard Waldinger, Ph.D., focuses on applying automatic deduction to artificial intelligence and software engineering. His research areas include program synthesis and verification, and planning. He has studied the use of deductive methods for natural-language question answering, and he is the co-author (with Zohar Manna) of a series of textbooks on the relationship between logic and computer programming.

Waldinger has been with the AIC since 1969 and has worked on theorem proving and its application to automated program synthesis and other problems on the border between software engineering and artificial intelligence. He also has served as a consulting professor of computer science at Stanford University.

He received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University under Herbert A. Simon. Waldinger is a recipient of an SRI Fellowship, a AAAI Fellowship, and a Herbrand Award.

Recent publications