Research-based analysis of educational outcomes and reforms, and the impacts of technology on learning.

teacher and student working together using smart devices
Insights on use of innovative teaching and learning tools.
preschooler boy playing at a low table
Research on effects of disadvantage and disability on outcomes.
Man smiling in front of a group of people
Evaluations of education reforms and workforce readiness.

SRI Education programs help identify trends, understand outcomes and guide policy and practice. We provide research-based solutions to challenges posed by rapid social, technological and economic change. Our clients include U.S. and California Departments of Education, the National Science Foundation, state governments and major foundations and corporations.

Teams from our three major centers are tailored to each assignment. They may include such experts as economists, political scientists, sociologists, anthropologists, cognitive and behavioral psychologists, statisticians, computer scientists and education researchers.

Center for Technology in Learning: To address how technology can enhance the quality of learning for all students, researchers evaluate large-scale educational innovations and design assessments to enhance teaching and learning. The Center also develops tools to help students master complex ideas, enhances online learning communities and offers strategic learning consulting services.

Center for Education Policy evaluates the impact of a variety of educational programs, including improvement efforts for traditionally underrepresented students, models for education reform, initiatives aimed at raising teacher quality and efforts to improve adult education. Research identifies which factors improve education, and this information is used to inform policymakers.

Center for Learning and Development focuses on children, youth and families facing challenges from economic disadvantage, disability, teenage parenthood, neighborhood decay and other risk factors. Center researchers examine the impact and effectiveness of federal, state and local policies and programs, including community servicesspecial education and disability policiesschool partnerships and early childhood programs.

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SRI Education researchers contributed to the UK’s Open University annual report on important educational trends for teachers and policymakers.