Author: SRI International

  • Cancer research

    SRI enters the ranks searching for possible anticancer agents–work that continues today.

  • Color television

    RCA Laboratories (now part of SRI) brings television to full-color life.

  • Electrostatic discharge rods

    Innovative rods help protect aircraft from potentially dangerous levels of static electricity.

  • Disneyland

    How Mickey Mouse found the location for his first house.

  • Banking automation: ERMA

    Easier money counting led to easier money making.

  • India’s National Council for Applied Economic Research

    In 1955, we helped a young India figure out how to develop economically.

  • Solar energy

    As early as 1955, we saw a viable energy source. And a few dozen patents.

  • Railroad hydra-cushion

    A softer ride on the rails dramatically reduces damage to freight shipments.

  • Steel super alloys

    Super-strong alloys can handle the heat.

  • Movie printing timer

    SRI helps develop technology for faster release of new color prints–and wins an Oscar for its role.

  • Smog research

    Healthier air for L.A. and the world

  • Transmission electron microscope

    Our revolutionary microscope improved magnification by 10,000 times.