Vidyasagar Sadhu

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Advanced Computer Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC)

Vidyasagar Sadhu is an Advanced Computer Scientist at SRI’s Artificial Intelligence Center (AIC). At SRI, Dr. Sadhu has worked on both government and commercial projects including but not limited to DARPA RFMLS program (RF spectrum monitoring using reinforcement learning), DARPA Ditto/Succeed program (machine learning based surrogate models to speed design of military systems), generative modeling of novel images leveraging state-of-the-art GANs and diffusion models, predictive maintenance of industrial machines using multi-modal time-series sensor data, natural language based robotic navigation using knowledge graphs and deep reinforcement learning and graph attention network based multi-agent hierarchical reinforcement learning for multi-agent cooperation. 

Prior to joining SRI, Dr. Sadhu interned at Honda Research Institute (HRI), San Jose, CA, where he has developed a novel multi-task learning framework for predicting/detecting anomalous/challenging driving situations using CAN bus scalar data and Microsoft Research, Bengaluru, India, where he developed deep neural network based auto-encoding techniques for predicting/detecting anomalous building energy consumption patterns.  

Dr. Sadhu holds a PhD from Electrical and Computer Engineering department of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. His PhD thesis (under the guidance of Dr. Dario Pompili) is on real-time autonomic decision making under uncertain environments for UAV-based search-and-rescue missions. His research interests include applied Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML), with a special focus on Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning (MADRL), Multi-Modal Time Series Modeling and Deep Generative Modeling.  

Dr. Sadhu is a co-inventor of two U.S. patents (Systems and Methods of Anomalous Event Detection and Safety – aware Route Recommendation System and Method ) and IEEE Senior Member. He has received several awards including National Science Foundation (NSF) Student Travel Grant, NSF Center for Science of Information (SoI) Student Research Project Grant, Rutgers ECE PhD Research Excellence Award, IEEE Best Demo Award and a co-recipient of the highly competitive Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship (QInF) Finalist Award. Dr. Sadhu holds a Bachelors and Masters degree (integrated 5-year program) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras, India [2007-2012].​ 

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Automatic Measures for Evaluating Generative Design Methods for Architects (3/20/2023) We describe the expectations architects have for design proposals from conceptual sketches, and identify corresponding automated metrics from the literature.
Learning Sensor Control for Information Gain in Dynamic, Partially Observed and Sparsely Sampled Environments (11/3/2022) We present an approach for autonomous sensor control for information gathering under partially observable, dynamic and sparsely sampled environments.

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