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This REU site is funded by the National Science Foundation REU Site program under Award Number 1359410.

The Molecular Physics Program in the Materials Research Laboratory at SRI International participates in the Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) program of the National Science Foundation.

This REU program provides opportunities for outstanding undergraduates to participate in research at SRI and to benefit from the collegial atmosphere of collaboration and communication among all members of the laboratory. SRI has hosted the program for 20 years. More than 160 students have participated in this program and have had excellent experiences in laboratory research, frequently leading to publications.

A wide variety of experimental and theoretical projects are available for undergraduate participation, including studies of atmospheric chemistry, energy transfer in molecular collisions, materials science, trace species detection, ion physics, laser diagnostics, biomedical optics, and biophysics. Many of the projects involve the use of lasers for detecting and analyzing atoms and molecules, actuating droplet motion, and to perform experiments on microfluidic platforms.

Research topics in the program include:

  • Atmospheric chemistry and photophysics
  • Biological mass spectrometry
  • Biomedical optics and imaging
  • Combustion chemistry
  • Energy transfer in collisions of small molecules
  • Laboratory studies of terrestrial and planetary atmospheric processes
  • Laser detection of explosives and atmospheric pollutants
  • Laser diagnostics of flames and plasmas
  • Microfluidics
  • Nonlinear optics
  • Spectroscopy of molecular dissociation

Details about the 2015 Program

Note: Our deadline for REU applications was February 9, 2015 (as mentioned on our application form). Students may continue to send in their application materials, but preference will be given to students whose applications were received by the application deadline.

Undergraduate participants must be enrolled in a program leading to a Bachelor's degree and must be U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents of the United States or its possessions. Students who will graduate and receive their Bachelor's degree in 2015 are not eligible.

This REU program provides laboratory work experience at a paid hourly rate plus limited travel funds for six undergraduate students from colleges and universities across the U.S. Housing is not provided, and students will be responsible for finding their own accommodations. A housing allowance is provided for students who rent accommodations in the Bay Area to participate in the program. This housing allowance is only meant to assist with housing costs and will not cover the entire cost of housing in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The 2015 REU program will run between May 26 and August 14, 2015. It is usually possible to adjust work start and end dates to accommodate conflicts with the academic calendar of the participant's school.

Application Form (fill-in PDF)

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For further information or application materials, please contact us:

SRI International is an equal opportunity employer and adheres to all state and federal regulations. The REU program welcomes applications from women and members of under-represented minority groups.

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