Future Concepts division

  • Conversational Agents

    Natural language processing and machine learning to build dialog systems and conversational technologies like call center agents and conversational copiers.

  • Geometric and Spatial Reasoning

    Building next-generation CAD tools that allow detailed representation of complex structures like lattice or bones to meet modern manufacturing demands.

  • Polymer Aerogel CO2 Capture Adsorbents

    Cost-Effective Direct Air Capture We are developing tunable aerogel adsorbents that can capture CO2 with low adsorbent cost, minimal cycling energy, and long adsorbent lifetimes. These adsorbents are made via a polymer aerogel synthesis technology we developed that uses controlled radical polymerization to achieve unprecedented control over the polymer aerogel pore network. Tuning the adsorbent…

  • Collaborative Conversational Systems

    Partnering with machines is integral to the future. Human-Machine collaboration and Explainable AI (XAI) Systems are research areas for us.

  • Interactive Task Learning

    Our systems enrich human-machine collaboration to make learning more efficient. Applications: transportation, IoT, healthcare, AR, cybersecurity.

  • PEARL Drifters™

    PEARL Drifters™ and the Ocean of Things™:  Delivering Actionable Ocean Intelligence Our small, affordable, ocean surface drifters can be deployed in high volume,  enabling persistent maritime domain awareness. The Challenge Critical decisions about ocean management and maritime resources are being made with sparse, incomplete data collection. The oceans are the world’s largest infrastructure assets since…

  • Micro Assembler Printer

    High-Throughput Assembly of Heterogeneous Micro-electronic Systems

  • Ultraviolet and Visible Semiconductor Lasers

    High Performance Optoelectronic Laser Device Technology

  • Cleanroom Services

    Cleanroom facility – design, develop, and fabricate novel thin-film and optoelectronic prototype devices. Reduce risk, control cost.

  • Polymeric and Composite Materials

    Innovation in polymeric and composite materials can enable novel sensors, advanced manufacturing methods, and functional parts. We develop multi-material composites and interfacial materials to enable new combinations of material properties in highly manufacturable ways. The interfaces of these materials enable unique sets of properties. For example, by leveraging chemical techniques, we make polymeric aerogels with…

  • Printing for Manufacturing

    From the printing of functional objects, to materials with digitally modulated material properties, we are building systems to print objects in new ways.

  • Computer vision and image synthesis

    Our research on computer vision, deep visual neural networks, enhancing what a machine can see, and human machine collaboration for complex visual tasks.