Climate and sustainability

Technology for a cleaner tomorrow

At SRI, we’ve been tackling challenges in climate and sustainability for decades. With the addition of the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) we’re even better positioned to take on one of this century’s defining challenges. Our goal: to improve the health of the Earth and the well-being of all of us who call it home.

Core competencies

We work collaboratively with our clients and across our divisions to create leading-edge technologies in energy efficiency, greenhouse gas management and mitigation, industrial decarbonization, circularity, climate resilience, and water management. From carbon capture to clean energy generation to model-predictive control, we focus on the hardest problems and position our solutions to have the greatest impact.

Our core competencies include advanced materials based on novel chemical processes; manufacturing and fluidic control techniques; physics-informed machine learning models; chemical sensing; signal processing and data analysis; predictive analytics; and systems engineering.

Real-world impact

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