The Future of work and

Innovating in the workplace and in our schools

For decades, our interdisciplinary teams have worked to optimize outcomes for learners of all ages and backgrounds, and we’ve created technologies that have redefined the workplace and created a more productive world. 

We’re now at a point in time, accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, when the very nature of education and work is rapidly changing, and major shifts are expected to continue. Technologies like artificial intelligence/machine learning, including large language models, are fundamentally challenging traditional notions of how we learn, what it means to be an educated person, how work is done, and what we need to know to be successful employees and citizens.

Our researchers are exploring how these tools can support student learning and development in equitable, supportive, and healthy ways. They are also looking into these tools’ potential to transform how we work across a range of industries, including design and manufacturing; computer software development; legal work; office work; medicine and healthcare; military logistics; and research.

Real-world impact

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