Enhancing Learning with Technology | News from SRI Education | November 2023

Teacher with kids on computers
Teacher with kids on computers

SRI Education: Enhancing Learning with Technology

Welcome to our latest newsletter, showcasing some of the digital learning projects that highlight our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies for the benefit of education.

At SRI Education, we believe in the potential of technologies like artificial intelligence to promote equitable learning opportunities for all students. As the edtech industry continues its rapid growth and evolution, we remain dedicated to partnering with clients to ensure that educational innovations are not just forward-thinking, but also rooted in principles of equity, accessibility, and real-world applicability.

Rather than replacing adults, our innovations aim to strengthen the connections between students, adults, and learning content.

Our Digital Learning Projects

Learning Recovery with the LEARN Network

The Leveraging Evidence to Accelerate Recovery Nationwide (LEARN) Network, backed by the Institute of Education Sciences, is on a mission to ignite student learning growth through evidence-based solutions. SRI Education leads teams of researchers in finding strategies to develop and scale digital learning products that are tailored to local needs and contexts — building stronger connections between teachers, students, and content. Teams use SRI’s Invent-Apply-Transition (I-A-T) framework to effectively take products from the design room to the classroom. 

Visit the LEARN Network website and subscribe to the newsletter to find out more.

Perspectives from Postsecondary Collaborative Fellows

SRI Education’s Postsecondary Teaching with Technology Collaborative is committed to studying and improving how college faculty use digital learning tools to help students build self-directed learning skills for success in online STEM courses. A new fellowship program places students at the forefront of this research. The fellows have already made significant contributions by shaping research strategies, assessing data collection tools, and co-authoring insightful blog posts.

 Learn more about the student fellows’ perspectives on the Postsecondary Collaborative website.

Partnering with Alchemie to Transform STEM Education with Kasi

SRI Education is driven by a commitment to equitable access to learning. We are currently partnering with Alchemie Solutions, Inc. to develop and evaluate Kasi, an online system that combines physical manipulatives and computer vision algorithms to produce a multisensory method for students with blindness or low vision (BLV) to learn chemistry content. As the research partner, SRI will conduct a usability study to inform development and refinement of the Kasi system; a feasibility study of Kasi in high school chemistry classrooms; and an evaluation of Kasi’s impact on the science self-efficacy of students with BLV. Grounded in Universal Design for Learning principles, this innovative platform aims to encourage students to pursue pathways to STEM careers. 

Learn more about Alchemie and Kasi.

Transforming Education Through the Ready to Learn Initiative

For more than a decade, SRI Education and the Education Development Center have been measuring the impact of the Ready to Learn transmedia program on young children’s literacy, math, and science skills. Led by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), Ready to Learn creates and delivers engaging digital media content such as videos, games, apps, and hands-on activities to enhance learning among students with economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

 Learn more about the Ready to Learn initiative.

Recent Publications, Articles, and Other Resources

Discover more about how SRI Education is making an impact in our recent digital learning research and resources:


  • The SRI Homeroom. Introducing The SRI Homeroom, a podcast from SRI Education. Listen to Season 1 host, Kori Hamilton Biagas, have insightful discussions with researchers, developers, data experts, and educators dedicated to making a positive impact on the education system.

Journal article


  • Sound Town Evaluation Report. Explore findings from SRI Education’s recent evaluation of Sound Town, a digital early literacy program. Researchers Jennifer Nakamura, Maddie Cincebeaux, and Todd Grindal describe how the program showed promise in enhancing vital literacy skills, and addressing the effectiveness of digital tools in early education.

Research article


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