Effects of Vocal Effort and Speaking Style on Text-Independent Speaker Verification

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E. Shriberg, M. Graciarena, H. Bratt, A. Kathol, S. S. Kajarekar, H. Jameel, C. Richey and F. Goodman, “Effects of vocal effort and speaking style on text-independent speaker verification,” in Proc. 9th Annual Conference of the International Speech Communication Association 2008 (INTERSPEECH 2008), pp. 609–612.


We study the question of how intrinsic variations (associated with the speaker rather than the recording environment) affect text-independent speaker verification performance. Experiments using the SRI-FRTIV corpus, which systematically varies both vocal effort and speaking style, reveal that (1) “furtive”speech poses a significant challenge; (2) conversations and interviews, despite stylistic differences, are well matched; (3) high-effort oration, in contrast to high-effort read speech, shares characteristics with conversational and interview styles; and (4) train/test pairings are generally symmetrical. Implications for further work in the area are discussed.

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