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SRI robotic systems

SRI Robotics has been developing robot solutions for decades, focusing on human augmentation, automation and manipulation.

A proven track record in robotic technology 

SRI Robotics solutions have enabled first-of-a-kind innovations in robotics, including Yamaha’s Motobot, minimally invasive telerobotic surgical systems, autonomous fruit harvesting and remotely operated manipulation systems for mining and explosive render-safe.  

SRI continues to push the envelope and identify opportunities where robots can bring value. 

Today, SRI Robotics is working on innovative solutions to improve the competitiveness of our customers’ robotic products, including artificial muscle actuators, twisted pair transmissions in powered clothing to enhance mobility and aid in the recovery from injury, light and efficient electro-adhesive brakes that enable the next generation of robotic arms and hands, systems to conduct hazardous mining operations or remote repair of satellites in space, lightweight infinity variable transmissions and AImediated robotic surgery to provide timely treatment to people injured in remote locations.

A wide variety of innovative solutions for wearable and telepresence robotics 

Augmentation suit
Artificial muscles can be used to power a human augmentation suit, giving the wearer extra muscle power. This actuated exosuit augments the musculoskeletal system for performance and strength enhancements, which can help wearers recover from injuries or surgery more rapidly, enhance the movement of people with disabilities and allow soldiers to be more effective.  

Remote operation

SRI has developed one of the world’s leading telemanipulation robots that allows operators to perform tasks with extreme dexterity without the need to be physically present. Today, SRI’s Taurus robotic solution enables remote surgery and improvised explosive device render-safe. The system’s software component is being expanded to provide telepresence solutions, including:  

Battlefield and accident-scene trauma surgery

Remote telepresence robots can provide faster treatment of people injured in remote locations. This system can be used to treat people at the scene of an auto accident or similar events when the speed of treatment is critical.  

Pharmaceutical manufacturing

A virtual teleoperated robot can perform equipment repairs in cleanrooms, eliminating potential contamination from human exposure and speeding up the repair time.


Developed in collaboration with Enaex, Taurus’ robotic arm was integrated with RoboMiner’s software to allow mining in locations that were previously too hazardous for a person to place explosives and complete other tasks.  

Energy, oil and gas

Distant remote repair and monitoring for distributed operations are possible with a teleoperated robot, like SRI’s Taurus robot. The telemanipulation system provides a solution that requires minimal training. This allows a person with specific skills, i.e., machine repair, to operate Taurus and perform the operation without the need to be on-site, speeding the operation and increasing overall efficiency.  


SRI is developing a robot that can repair satellites while they are orbiting.  

Taurus robotic system:

  • The Taurus Robotic system is a small, lightweight teleoperated robot system that provides remote precision manipulation and requires minimal training.
  • Stereo 3D video streaming and recording. The system is designed to provide 3D vision to a wide variety of commercial VR viewing systems. The video is integrated into an augmented reality system to provide easy-to-view data that increases the operator’s efficiency. 
  • A lightweight, modular design allows customization to your operational needs. With a weight of under 20 lbs, the standard Taurus can fit in a small case that could go into an airplane overhead rack. 
  • Integrated or independent power and communication system. Taurus can be used either with its own power and communication platform or have power and communication provided through other systems, such as the mobile platform that transports it.  
  • Remotely mountable tool attachments. Taurus can change attachments to provide cutting, grinding, grasping, sampling and remote electrical measurement. 

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