Sarnoff Test Sequence Generators with A/V Test Patterns for SD to 4K Video

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SRI offers content creators, broadcasters, and distributors a comprehensive solution for testing and verifying the quality of digital video signal chains up to 4Kp60. The Sarnoff® audiovisual test sequence generator combines acclaimed digital test patterns with uncompressed playback hardware.

The TG-400™ player handles formats up to 4Kp60. It is a one-rack-unit, uncompressed video player that output 10-bit digital video and up to 16 channels of embedded digital audio.

The standard player includes three powerful test suites: the Visualizer™ video test patterns, AudioRef™ advanced audio reference clips, and ESP™ encoder stress patterns. Options include support for High Dynamic Range (HDR)/Wide Color Gamut (WCG) and UHD/4K testing as well as HDMI 2.0 output with HDR/WCG signaling for PQ and HLG. Users can also load their own content for testing. The result is a comprehensive, convenient, and cost-effective solution for quality control.Test Content:

Visualizer™ Digital Video Test Pattern 

  • Quantifies compression fidelity
  • Identifies color matrix mismatch (2020/709/601)
  • Determines bit depth and chroma subsampling
  • Reveals skipped frames
  • Quantifies lip sync errors
  • Provides 18 additional tests
  • Available in High Dynamic Range ( HDR ) / Wide Color Gamut ( WCG ) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) version in the following color spaces:
    • PQ/2020, HDR10 (SMPTE ST-2084, ITU BT.2100)
    • HLG/2020 (ITU BT.2100)
    • S-Log3
    • P3, P3D65
    • 709
    • 601
    • ACESProxy
    • Log-C
    • Any other color space
    • AudioRef™ Audio Reference Clips
  • Provides dialog loudness reference
  • Supports CALM act compliance
  • Audibly confirms channel ID by number and function
  • 16 channels embedded in HD-SDI

ESP™ Encoder Stress Pattern

  • Evaluates SD,HD and UHD/4K encoder quality
  • Effective with all compression standards such as HEVC/H.265, MPEG-4/AVC/H.264, MPEG-2, ProRes, VP9, etc.
  • Assists in selecting and tuning encoders
  • Provides visual verification of encoder performance
  • Reveals limits in spatial resolution, judder, dropped frames, and more

Color Space and Monitor (CSM) Test Pattern Suite

  • Reveals how entire digital video processing systems and monitors deal with HDR and WCG content
  • Examines color space interpretation
  • Evaluates low light details
  • Reveals HDR tone mapping accuracy

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