Visualizer™ Digital Video Test Pattern

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SRI Sarnoff Visualizer™ Test Pattern

SRI Sarnoff Visualizer™ Test Pattern

The Visualizer™ test pattern offers a comprehensive way to evaluate more than 20 key parameters of video quality from a single test card. Users can easily identify processing errors throughout the digital signal chain. It is available in any resolution or frame rate, including 4K and UHD and in any color space, including HDR spaces (PQ and HLG, 2020 or P3) and professional production spaces like S-Log3, Log-C, ACES and even XYZ.

The chart is available as an uncompressed video sequence, loaded on a Sarnoff® Test Sequence Generator or in streaming form (ProRes, v210 in mov, HEVC/H.265, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and MPEG-2 video) for transport stream-based workflows.

High Dynamic Range ( HDR ) / Wide Color Gamut ( WCG ) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) versions of the pattern are available. The Visualizer is available in any  color space, including

  • PQ/2020, HDR10 (SMPTE ST-2084, ITU BT.2100)
  • HLG/2020 (ITU BT.2100)
  • S-Log3
  • P3, P3D65
  • 709
  • 601
  • ACESProxy
  • Log-C
  • Any other color space

Contact SRI to order the Visualizer pattern that works best for your testing requirements.

Download Visualizer Datasheet (PDF)

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