Bogdan Matei

bogdan matei bio pic
Technical Director, Vision and Robotics Laboratory, Center for Vision Technologies

Bogdan Matei, Ph.D., is a senior technical manager for the Center for Vision Technologies at SRI International. In this role, he manages research and development (R&D) programs for a range of government and commercial clients.

Matei has more than 12 years of experience in LiDAR-based mapping and exploitation from ground and aerial platforms. He has significant expertise in 3D/2D object detection and recognition from LiDAR/EO/IR data, statistical learning, objects classification and indexing in large databases, and autonomous robot navigation. Other technology focus areas include simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM), data mining, surface reconstruction, and biomedical image processing.

Prior to joining Sarnoff Corporation (now SRI) in 2001, Matei was a research graduate assistant at the Robust Image Understanding Laboratory at Rutgers University where he developed the HEIV estimator which could be applied to a range of computer vision problems such as conic fitting, fundamental matrix estimation, and rigid motion estimation. For this work he received the Best Student Paper Award at CVPR 1999, one of the premiere computer vision conferences.

Matei is a senior member of IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society. His accolades include the 2004 Sarnoff Corporation Innovation Award. He has published over 25 papers in peer-reviewed conferences and journals and holds six patents.

Matei received his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from Rutgers University. His M.Sc. degrees in computer engineering, electronics, and telecommunications are from Polytechnics University of Bucharest, Romania.

A list of his publications is available at Google Scholar.

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