Biographies of SRI staff researchers

  • James Fritz

    James Fritz

    Senior Vice President, Federal and Strategic Program Development

  • Shantanu Rane

    Shantanu Rane

    Senior Manager/ Associate Director, Intelligent Systems Lab

  • Julie Bert

    Julie Bert

    Director, Hardware Research and Technology Lab, Future Concepts Division

  • Keith Heumiller

    Keith Heumiller

    Keith Heumiller, Education Research Communications Manager, SRI Education

  • Andrea D. Beesley

    Andrea D. Beesley

    Senior Principal Education Researcher, SRI Education

  • Steven Walker

    Steven Walker

    Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Lockheed Martin, and former DARPA director

  • Tasbita Reham

    Tasbita Reham

    Research Data Coordinator, SRI Education

  • Santiago Navia Jaramillo

    Santiago Navia Jaramillo

    Education Research Associate, SRI Education

  • Michael Lee

    Michael Lee

    Data Scientist, Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy

  • Jan Vandenbrande

    Jan Vandenbrande

    Senior Vice President, Future Concepts division

  • Anne Partika

    Anne Partika

    Education Researcher, SRI Education

  • Morgan Solender

    Morgan Solender

    Education Research Associate, SRI Education