Michael Lee

Data Scientist, Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy

Mr. Lee is a data scientist with over nine years of experience in research, data analysis, and process engineering with a focus on natural language processing (NLP). At the Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy at SRI International, Mr. Lee has developed a workforce skills analysis methodology using machine learning to identify employer-demanded skills from job postings. He is also responsible for data analysis and data visualization projects related to technology-based economic development, complex program evaluation, science and technology program support, and quantum technology applications. Prior to SRI, Mr. Lee worked in the energy industry as a process engineer licensing clean gasoline technologies and designing processes for converting lignocellulosic biomass into transportation fuels. In his role as a volunteer data scientist, he worked with a project team to democratize the public sector procurement process using NLP to extract and identify business opportunities.  Mr. Lee holds a master’s degree in Data Science from the Harvard University Extension School.

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