Podcast: Supporting students with behavioral and emotional needs

Carl Sumi discusses student behavior and emotional supports on The SRI Homeroom.

SRI’s Carl Sumi discusses effective strategies and interventions for student support.

Student behavioral challenges aren’t a new phenomenon. For generations, educators and researchers have sought better approaches and interventions to support students with behavioral and socio-emotional needs. In recent years, however, those needs have grown.

In a national survey, more than 8 in 10 public schools reported that students’ behavioral and socio-emotional development had been stunted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools and educators have also observed increases in student misbehavior, including classroom disruptions and tardiness, since the onset of the pandemic.

These developments have shined new light on the need for effective, evidence-based support for students dealing with behavioral challenges.

In this episode of The SRI Homeroom podcast, Senior Principal Education Researcher Carl Sumi joins host Kori Hamilton Biagas to discuss strategies, interventions, and recommendations for educators, schools, and researchers hoping to meet that need head-on.

Sumi also discusses effective interventions like BEST in CLASS, which are being used to enhance teachers’ use of proven practices to prevent and address behavior problems and support student learning.

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Carl Sumi is a Senior Principal Education Researcher with SRI Education. Learn more about Carl and his work here.

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