Geometric and Spatial Reasoning

Building next-generation CAD tools that allow detailed representation of complex structures like lattice or bones to meet modern manufacturing demands.

Our philosophy towards digital design and manufacturing requires computational design tools to be reimagined to meet the complexity of modern manufacturing. We’re building the next generation of computer-aided design (CAD) tools that will allow detailed representation of shapes at multiple levels with varying material properties. Examples include periodic and unordered lattice structures, bones, and functionally graded material structures. By using these novel representations, physical analysis requiring numerical computation over these complex shapes is made possible.

We also specialize in automated reasoning and spatial planning to determine manufacturability, create process plans for machining, additive manufacturing, as well as new and emerging processes combining additive and subtractive manufacturing. Our expertise in geometric representations extends to creating novel user interfaces for human designers to interactively visualize, interrogate, and annotate designs on web-based front ends.

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