Natural language speech recognition

Natural language speech recognition – 1996

SRI’s natural language speech recognition software was the first to be deployed by a major corporation when Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. used it for over-the-phone stock quotes in 1996. SRI spun off market leader Nuance Communications to commercialize the technology, which developed applications in travel reservations, product ordering, banking, and more.

SRI’s DynaSpeak® and EduSpeak® natural language speech recognition technologies are used in other products and services. The DynaSpeak engine, for example, was used in the IraqComm™ speech translation system. IraqComm was deployed with U.S. forces in Iraq to perform two-way, speech-to-speech machine translation between English and colloquial Iraqi Arabic.

The EduSpeak speech recognition toolkit is specifically designed for developers of language-learning applications (such as for English as a Second Language, or ESL) and other educational and training software.

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