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Innovation strategy collage

Innovation strategy & design

At SRI, innovation is more than just big ideas—it means applying cutting-edge concepts to address real needs. We help develop the systems that support innovation and technology, and we apply the methodologies that generate more creative solutions for challenging problems.

Innovation strategy collage

Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy

SRI’s Center for Innovation Strategy and Policy (CISP) provides consulting and training to help clients build entrepreneurship and innovation.

Innovation ecosystem and workforce development

Our policy and program development enhance regional innovation capability and workforce skills.

Innovation strategy

We provide strategic planning for institutions that fund and manage internal or external innovation.

Innovation training

Our innovation and entrepreneurship training help organizations involved in planning, funding and conducting R&D.

Complex program evaluation

Our qualitative and quantitative methods evaluate and help improve policy and program performance.

Science and technology program support

We provide analytical, research and project management support for government science and technology, and innovation programs.

Advanced analytics in the study of R&D

We leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the course, direction and impact of R&D.

SRI Design

We place people at the center of innovation to create better experiences and relationships between people and the technology they depend on. Our user-centered approach helps you uncover opportunities far beyond technology development.

Symbiotic design

Our structured approach to designing human-machine interactions creates more satisfying, intuitive experiences between humans and technology.

Design-thinking methodologies

Our processes and methodologies help solve difficult technical problems while developing solutions that are easy for people to use.

Visual design and interaction (UXUI)

Our user-centered design is grounded in how people actually behave to ensure your products are usable, consumable and desirable.

Avery Sen

SRI is one of the precious few organizations with deep expertise in innovation strategy and policy. While it’s increasingly relevant, this interdisciplinary field is still quite small. It’s a pleasure to work with colleagues who have the same baseline understanding that innovation is as much a social phenomenon as a technological one, shaping our tools to share meaning and to explore and build.

Avery Sen

Project Leader, Center for Innovation Strategy and Planning

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