David Keller: Developing custom imagers used for space exploration

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An SRI researcher aims to advance our knowledge of the solar system.

SRI works with commercial organizations, universities, and the U.S. government to design and fabricate sensors that can withstand the rigors of space, including extreme temperature, radiation, pressure, and other factors. These sensors are packaged within cameras and other devices to meet application needs.

“Every time you see a hurricane at night on the news, that’s coming from one of our imagers.” – David Keller

In this video, David Keller, a director at the Center for Advanced Imaging, discusses his 26-year career at SRI, and how his team puts their experience to work building custom sensor imagers that monitor the weather throughout the day and night; earth-orbiting satellites that look for coronal mass ejections from the sun; sensors that explore planets and the solar system to determine how stars evolve; and more.

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