Danielle Hinkley

Project Controller, Applied Technologies and Sciences

Danielle Hinkley has over 25 years of experience managing operations supporting international and domestic activities in innovation, science and technology, education, finance, policy, and economic development. She has pioneered processes and systems supporting a diverse domestic and international team of professionals.

Hinkley has designed and developed performance metrics and qualitative and quantitative analysis tools for center growth and target practice areas. She manages center operations and project administrative activities through the development of spreadsheet and database design, development of analytical, statistical and financial tools. She also leads the initiation and establishment of project subcontracts and consulting agreements, including cost analysis, project maintenance, financial reporting, maintenance and tracking of contractual obligations and processing invoice project statements.

Hinkley has completed course work in computer information systems from George Mason University, Virginia, 1997 and holds an A.S. in General Studies, with an emphasis on computer Iinformation systems and economics), magna cum laude, from Northern Virginia Community College. She also has completed certifications in project management, software, and federal acquisition regulations and costing. Hinkley is a Notary Public Virginia at Large.

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