Kaleigh DeBias

Communications Manager, Corporate Marketing & Communications

Kaleigh DeBias is the communications manager for SRI International’s corporate marketing and communications. She works with SRI’s exciting and innovative R&D areas, business development and recruitment and retention teams to communicate the institute’s strategic goals and next-generation technologies.

Kaleigh also works with executive teams within SRI Ventures, the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) and the Nomura-SRI Innovation Center (NSIC) in addition to supporting SRI’s expertise areas. She specializes in storytelling, brand messaging and generating buzz for organizations in various industries.

Previous to SRI, Kaleigh supported communications for a large global organization that specializes in engineering and manufacturing, as well as a North American-based agency working in promotional products. In previous roles, she influenced internal and external corporate communications and built robust and engaging social networks.

Kaleigh specializes in focusing the message and communicating to relevant audiences for strong engagement. She holds high value for collaboration and personable, strategic communication both personally and professionally.

Kaleigh holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in media communications from Temple University.

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