Biometrics at the Perimeter: Keep Threats Out and Business Moving


From high school basketball games to sophisticated military operations, a strong perimeter is the first line of defense.  The challenge for commercial security is strengthening the perimeter without affecting business.

Access control is a high priority for secure infrastructures such as nuclear power plants, corporate offices, universities, and financial buildings. The faster security can accurately screen possible threats, the more likely incidents can be avoided. Although many companies offer cutting-edge products for protecting interior building areas, most exterior access control systems are not nearly as advanced.

Today, vehicle access points are typically managed by use of RFID cards, pass codes, credit cards, and security guards. These tactics provide an initial layer of security, but determined individuals can get past these safeguards by stealing or forging access cards and IDs.

The security industry needs a vehicle access control system that will improve security without making the process cumbersome for clients and employees.

How Iris Biometrics Can Improve Vehicle Access Control

For accurate identity management, biometric systems are the most secure option. They identify people based on human characteristics and traits—credentials that are always with a person and hard to steal or forge.

Fingerprint and facial recognition systems provide a higher level of security than access cards and badges, but they are typically slower and can be difficult to use from within a vehicle. They also require users to remove gloves, headwear, and eyewear. Iris recognition is not only more secure than these options, but it works from a distance.

SRI’s IOM PassThru™ drive-up biometric system brings the accuracy and convenience of iris recognition to the perimeter—identifying potential threats before they enter. Built on proven Iris on the Move® technology, the automated system is quick and easy to use, expediting the entry control process. The system performs in all environments under day and night lighting conditions and integrates with existing access control systems. This breakthrough product extends identity authentication to the farthest access points.

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