The Convergence of Mobility, Personalization and Security


New product innovation is as much about making advanced technology accessible to a broader market as it is about adding wow-factor features. Iris authentication—once a niche component of high-end security systems—will debut in compact, cost-competitive form factors at this year’s ISC West security industry trade show.

SRI International will demonstrate several new Iris on the Move ® -powered solutions, including an iris biometric-embedded B2B tablet and an iris-activated residential door lock. These products extend IOM security and convenience to a broader range of enterprise and commercial applications.

Expanding Enterprise Mobility

Businesses are already embracing the versatility and opportunities of workforce mobility. The biometric-embedded tablet incorporates SRI’s face and iris enrollment, capture and authentication capabilities with the full functionality of an enterprise-level Android® device. It brings the value of knowing precisely who to business and operational applications. Users can authenticate themselves and others to perform tasks, access data and process and share information based on user-specific permissions. Authenticated identity combined with time and location information (where and when) adds efficiency while reducing risk.

Imagine, for example, nurses could verify themselves and their patients to access medical history, drug prescriptions, and insurance information on the tablet—reducing error, risk and fraud. Other practical uses range from time and attendance for security guards and mobile workers to enhanced customer service for travelers.

Seamless Security Comes Home

Few places are more important than one’s home. While traditional door locks require a key or PIN for entry, KT&C’s smart lock brings a new level of convenience to the residential market. The KEES™ iris-activated lock incorporates SRI’s proven iris recognition capabilities for enhanced security and ease of use. A quick glance can now open the front door. Gone are the days of fumbling for keys, swiping cards or entering access codes.

Both the iris biometric-embedded tablet and KEES door lock unleash new levels of personalization within the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT points to a future with greater awareness as door locks can interact with other connected home devices and enterprise tablets deliver real-time insight into operations.

Visit SRI at ISC West (booth 3089) for hand-on demonstrations of these easy-to-use biometric systems.

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