SRI selected as spoke for both ARPA-H Customer Experience Hub and Investor Catalyst Hub

SRI joins a nationwide network aiming to accelerate transformative health solutions.

SRI has been selected by the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health (ARPA-H) to serve as a spoke within the Customer Experience Hub (CX Hub) and the Investor Catalyst Hub (IC Hub), as part of ARPANET-H, a nationwide health innovation network launched in September 2023.

“Hundreds of organizations have been selected to join each network. Having been asked to become a member on both networks is a rare opportunity — SRI is honored,” said Kathlynn Brown, president of SRI’s Biosciences division.

Through these memberships, SRI gains access to potential funding and flexible contracting for faster award execution compared to traditional contract processes. This means that people can benefit from advanced healthcare innovations in discovery and treatment without having to wait for years.

The Customer Experience Hub seeks to make healthcare treatments accessible to everyone, from rural areas to cities. The Investor Catalyst Hub seeks to accelerate the broad commercialization of groundbreaking biomedical solutions. The networks utilize an innovative hub-and-spoke model designed to reach a wide range of nonprofit organizations and minority-serving institutions, to deliver scalable positive healthcare outcomes for all Americans.

“People can benefit from advanced healthcare innovations and treatments without having to wait years.” – Kathlynn Brown

SRI delivers bioscience, applied research, and commercial transfer expertise — moving important health technologies from the research lab into the real world.

“SRI’s mission is to make an impact so people can live healthier and safer lives,” said Brown. “We’re proud to be a part of this nationwide health initiative to advance our innovations where they can make a difference. Our work in precision medicine is essential, but without government and commercial support, people, especially in rural and underserved areas, cannot benefit.”

SRI joins a nationwide network of organizations aligned to ARPA-H’s overarching mission of improving health outcomes through the following research focus areas: health science futures, proactive health, scalable solutions, and resilient systems. ARPANET-H hubs and spokes represent a broad spectrum of expertise, geographic diversity, and community perspectives.

“The ARPA-H model is advantageous because the trusted members can move quickly, so the proper healthcare can be delivered faster and safer,” Brown said.

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