Xiao Lin talks about artificial intelligence and brain-to-brain data transfer

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Xiao Lin joins host Reenita Hora to discuss improving artificial intelligence. Learn more at: https://www.sri.com/computer-vision

Xiao Lin is a Computer Scientist in the Vision and Learning org at SRI International in Princeton, NJ. In this episode of The Dish TV they discuss steps SRI is taking towards achieving human-level reasoning with machine learning, linear and non-linear communication, and brain-to-brain data transfer.

Learn how SRI is examining brain scans to accurately determine the amount of data that is transferred from person to person during human interaction.

SRI’s The Dish TV highlights the most special part of SRI—our people. Join host Reenita Hora, Head of Marketing and Communications, for casual conversations with guests from across our institute about what brought them to and keeps them at SRI, as well as the latest world-changing innovations to come out of their divisions. At SRI, we’re inventing a better future together.

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