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Tech Report  December 1, 2017

A Comprehensive Model of Teacher Induction: Implementation and Impact on Teachers and Students Evaluation of the New Teacher Center’s i3 Validation Grant, Final Report

SRI Authors Rebecca A. Schmidt, Haiwen Wang, Lauren J. Cassidy, Katrina Laguarda



Young, V., Schmidt, R., Wang, H., Cassidy, L., & Laguarda, K. (2017). A Comprehensive Model of Teacher Induction: Implementation and Impact on Teachers and Students. Menlo Park, CA: SRI International


SRI Education’s evaluation of the New Teacher Center’s (NTC’s) Investing in Innovation (i3) Validation grant examined the impact of the NTC induction model on teacher practice and student achievement. To account for different local contexts and needs, the study used randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in two districts—Broward County Public Schools and Chicago Public Schools—and a quasi-experimental design in Grant Wood Area Education Agency, a consortium of districts in Iowa. In the RCT districts, the study found positive impacts of the induction model on student achievement in English language arts and mathematics. The study found no statistically significant differences between NTC-supported teachers and comparison teachers on teacher practice measures or on teacher retention into their third year of teaching.

However, the high implementation fidelity levels and contrasts in induction experiences between treatment and comparison teachers indicate that the NTC induction model can be implemented well in a range of district contexts.

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