Additive printing of organic complementary circuits for temperature sensor tag


Ng, T. N., Mei, P., Schwartz, D. E., Kor, S., Krusor, B., Veres, J., … & Karlsson, C. (2015, September). Additive printing of organic complementary circuits for temperature sensor tag. In Printed Memory and Circuits (Vol. 9569, pp. 27-32). SPIE.


With the recent improvements in printed devices, it is now possible to build integrated circuit systems out of printed devices. The combination of sensor, logic, and rewritable memory will greatly enhance the functionalities of printed electronics. We have demonstrated integrated sensor tags based on organic complementary circuits patterned by inkjet printing. One example is a temperature threshold sensor tag, wherein if the thermistor temperature exceeds a pre-set threshold, the control circuit generates a pulse to write into a nonvolatile ferroelectric memory cell. The trigger temperature is set by adjusting the bias voltage across the thermistor bridge to match the trigger voltage of the printed threshold circuit, and the threshold temperatures has been tuned between 8 °C and 45 °C with a bias voltage below 30V.

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