An intelligent fitting room using multi-camera perception


Zhang, W.; Matsumoto, T.; Liu, J. J.; Chu, M.; Begole, J. An intelligent fitting room using multi-camera perception. International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2008); 2008 January 13-16; Canary Islands, Spain. NY: ACM; 2008; 60-69.


In this paper, we describe the architecture of the vision system for the Responsive Mirror, a novel system for retail fitting rooms that enables online social fashion comparisons in physical stores based on multi-camera perception. This vision system provides implicitly controlled real-time interaction for self and social clothing comparisons by automatically tracking users motion as she tries on clothes. We describe the key components of the motion-tracking and clothes-recognition systems and evaluate their effectiveness against images collected during a previous user study and a dataset of images representing content from a social fashion network.

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