Machine Learning for Information Management


Haas, N., & Hendrix, G. G. (1981). Machine learning for information management. SRI INTERNATIONAL MENLO PARK CA.


This paper discusses machine learning in the context of information management. The core idea is that of a compiler system that can hold a conversation with a user in English about his specific domain of interest, subsequently retrieve and display information conveyed by the user, and apply various types of external software systems to solve user problems.

The specific learning problems discussed is how to enable computer systems to acquire information about domains with which they are unfamiliar from people who are expert in those domains, but have little or no training in computer science. The information to be acquired is that needed to support question-answering or fact retrieval tasks, and the type of learning to be employed is learning by being told. Reflecting the intimate connection between language and reasoning, this paper is largely concerned with the problems of learning concepts and language simultaneously.

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