Mixed-Initiative Issues for a Personalized Time Management Assistant


Berry, P. and Gervasio, M. and Uribe, T. and Yorke-Smith, N. Mixed-Initiative Issues for a Personalized Time Management Assistant, in Proceedings of ICAPS’05 Workshop on Mixed-Initiative Planning and Scheduling, Monterey, CA, pp. 12-17, Jun 2005.


This paper explores the mixed-initiative issues arising in the Personalized Time Manager (PTIME) system. PTIME is a persistent assistant that builds on our previous work on a personalized calendar agent (PCalM) (Berry et al. 2004). In order to persist and be useful, an intelligent agent that includes collaborative human/agent decision processes must learn and adapt to the user’s changing needs. PTIME is intended to support a richer dialogue between the user and the system, which should be useful to both. If the system can reliably lean the user’s preferences and practices, trust between user and assistant will be established, decreasing the system’s reliance on mundane user interaction over time. The enabling technologies include soft constraint satisfaction, multicriteria optimization, a rich process framework, learning, and advice.

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