Template-Based Structured Argumentation


Lowrance, J. et al. (2008). Template-Based Structured Argumentation. In: Okada, A., Shum, S.B., Sherborne, T. (eds) Knowledge Cartography. Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing. Springer, London. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-84800-149-7_15


A semiautomated approach to evidential reasoning uses template-based structured argumentation. A template captures best analytic practice as a hierarchically structured set of coordinated questions; an argument answers the questions posed by a template, including references to the source material used as evidence to support those answers. Graphical depictions of arguments readily convey lines of reasoning, from evidence through to conclusions, making it easy to compare and contrast alternative lines of reasoning. Collaborative analysis is supported via simultaneous access to arguments through web browser clients connected to a common argument server. This approach to analysis has been applied to a wide range of analytic problems and has been experimentally shown to speed the development and improve the quality of analytic assessments.

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