Towards a Framework for Continuous Planning and Execution


Myers, K. L. . Towards a Framework for Continuous Planning and Execution, in Proceedings of the AAAI 1998 Fall Symposium on Distributed, AAAI Press, 1998.


This paper reports on the first phase of the Continuous Planning and Execution Framework (CPEF), a system that employs sophisticated plan generation, execution, monitoring, and repair capabilities to solve complex tasks in unpredictable and dynamic environments. CPEF embraces the philosophy that plans are dynamic, open-ended artifacts that must evolve in response to an ever-changing environment. In particular, plans and activities are updated in response to new information and requirements to ensure that they remain viable and relevant. Users are an integral part of the process, providing input that influences plan generation, repair, and overall system control. CPEF has been applied successfully to generate, execute, and repair complex plans for gaining and maintaining air superiority within a simulated operating environment.

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