MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging: a Window Into White Matter Integrity of the Working Brain


Sandra¬†Chanraud,¬†Natalie¬†Zahr,¬†Edith¬†V.¬†Sullivan,¬†Adolf¬†Pfefferbaum. “MR Diffusion Tensor Imaging: A Window into White Matter Integrity of the Working Brain.”¬†Neuropsychology Review,¬†June 2010,¬†Volume 20,¬†Issue¬†2,¬†pp 209-225


As Norman Geschwind asserted in 1965, syndromes resulting from white matter lesions could produce deficits in higher-order functions and ‚Äúdisconnexion‚ÄĚ or the interruption of connection between gray matter regions could be as disruptive as trauma to those regions per se. The advent of in vivo diffusion tensor imaging, which allows quantitative characterization of white matter fiber integrity in health and disease, has served to strengthen Geschwind‚Äôs proposal. Here we present an overview of the principles of diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) and its contribution to progress in our current understanding of normal and pathological brain function.

Keywords: Diffusion tensor imaging, White matter, Cognition, Psychiatric and neurological diseases

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