Lidar-Based Door and Stair Detection from a Mobile Robot


Bansal, Mayank; Southall, Ben; Matei, Bogdan; Eledath, Jayan and Sawhney, Harpreet (2010) “Lidar-based door and stair detection from a mobile robot”, Proc. SPIE 7692, Unmanned Systems Technology XII, 769203 (May 07, 2010)


We present an on-the-move LIDAR-based object detection system for autonomous and semi-autonomous unmanned vehicle systems. In this paper we make several contributions: (i) we describe an algorithm for real-time detection of objects such as doors and stairs in indoor environments; (ii) we describe efficient data structures and algorithms for processing 3D point clouds acquired by laser scanners in a streaming manner, which minimize the memory copying and access. We show qualitative results demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach on runs in an indoor office environment.

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