Creating the future of printed electronics


Veres, J.; Ng, T.; Schwartz, D. E.; Whiting, G. L.; Bringans, R. D. Creating the future of printed electronics. 12th Annual Flexible Electronics & Displays Conference & Exhibition; 2013 January 29-February 1; Phoenix, AZ. Phoenix, AZ USA. Date of Talk: 1/29/2013


Printed electronics are at a pivotal moment. There are not only tremendous opportunities for innovation and growth in new verticals and industries, but also the chance to define how we bring printed electronics into a new era of infrastructures through cooperation and partnerships. PARC, a Xerox company has actively built a unique library of PE devices and processes to apply innovation in products, engaging with all the players from material makers to application companies. Janos Veres of PARC will discuss the immediate and immense opportunity to set the rules for the future of printed electronics, including design, manufacturing processes, and applications already available at PARC. Through the lens of the future of manufacturing infrastructure spearheaded by PARC, he will explore how printed electronics are now part of the larger and growing trend of how we make things differently. He will also detail the steps already taken and need to be made in order to make this a reality.

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