An Example-Based Exploration Of Design Patterns In Measurement (Padi Technical Report 8)


DeBarger, A. H., & Riconscente, M. (2005). An example-based exploration of design patterns in measurement (PADI Technical Report 8). Menlo Park, CA: SRI International.


This paper extends the work conducted by the Principled Assessment Designs for Inquiry (PADI) project to investigate more deeply the application of assessment design patterns. By using examples of design patterns in several domains, such as science, mathematics, and studio art, this paper describes their role in assessment development. Three key benefits of design patterns are discussed and illustrated with the examples: (1) design patterns facilitate decision making about assessment design; (2) design patterns explicate the assessment argument; and (3) design patterns afford flexibility in usage for assessment design. In addition, the examples show how design patterns can vary in their generality, in their scale, and in the psychological perspective that they represent.

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