Costs Of ICT Use In Higher Education


Bakia, M. (2000). Costs of ICT Use in Higher Education, Techknowlogia, Vol. 2, Issue 1.


This article focuses on the costs of use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for teaching and learning in higher education, bearing in mind that these technologies also support a wide range of other core activities in higher education institutions. The research on costs to date is limited in scope as well as in volume, with much of it based on data available from universities and colleges in industrialized countries – with particular emphasis on the North American experience. Only a handful of published studies examine the costs and/or cost effectiveness of advanced computing and telecommunications in higher education.

To add to the literature on the costs of using educational technology in developing countries, the World Bank is funding a study that examines costs related to the use of ICT at selected institutions in developing countries. Through a comprehensive literature review, interviews, and site visits, the research team is gathering and synthesizing much-needed data about the costs related to the latest alternative models of educational service provision in developing countries. While the first results of this work are not expected until March 2000, this article relies on the limited body of relevant research available.

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