Integrated Performance Assessments With Technology (IPAT): Design Model And Prototypes


Quellmalz, E. S., Griffin, M., Hurst, K., Kreikemeier, P., Rosenquist, A., & Zalles, D. (2004). Integrated performance assessments with technology (IPAT): Design model and prototypes. Presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, CA. Funded by the National Science Foundation, REC 0126350.


The Center for Technology in Learning at SRI International has conducted a number of projects creating assessment designs and examplars relevant to the geosciences. In general our approach has been to focus on assessment designs that can probe more deeply into conceptual understanding and extended inquiry than traditional assessments typically do. Our methods draw from theories of learning to develop cognitively principled assessment designs. This paper summarizes the design principles we have forged and some of the assessments we have developed that are particularly relevant to geoscience.

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