Integrating Palm Technology Into WISE Inquiry Curriculum: Two School District Partnerships


Slotta, J. D., Clark, D., & Cheng, B. H. (2002). Integrating Palm Technology into WISE Inquiry Curriculum: Two School District Partnerships. In Proceedings of CSCL


We describe a program of research to explore how Palm Pilot technology can facilitate inquiry activities in K-12
science and mathematics curriculum. This research was conducted within the context of the Web-based Inquiry
Science Environment (WISE) project, which addresses fundamental questions concerning the role of inquiry and
technology in science education. Working in close collaboration with two large school districts, we developed new
approaches for including Palm applications within existing WISE curriculum. Initially, we adopted existing Palm
applications (e.g., the Cooties and Picomap programs) and incorporated them into existing WISE curriculum. In
addition, we developed a new Palm application for students to collect survey and interview data with Palms, for
uploading into a class data set afterwards. This data is used collaboratively by students within WISE projects. We
discuss our design of these materials, our district partnerships, and our program evaluation

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