Early Experiences with EdReady— A Tool for Improving Math College Readiness

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Bakia, M., Griffiths, R. Christensen, C., Peters, V. L., & Gardner, S. (2015). Early Experiences with EdReady—A Tool for Improving Math College Readiness. Menlo Park, CA: SRI Education.


The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Postsecondary Success initiative is concerned with understanding how online technology applications can assess and improve students’ math readiness to better prepare them for college-level math courses and postsecondary success. As part of this initiative, this first report of SRI’s EdReady evaluation summarizes emerging lessons in EdReady adoption and implementation, with particular focus on prevalent uses of EdReady and on statewide adoptions. The report identifies six instructional use cases and examines four statewide adoptions in progress: Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, and North Carolina. Through interviews, observations of EdReady use, and review of pilot reports, SRI identified five indicators of potential readiness for EdReady adoption and five lessons learned about strong implementations.

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